Mission Statement
The United Givers Fund of DeKalb County is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping people in our county.  This is accomplished by raising funds through a unified fund drive in order to support its member agencies; by managing and distributing funds in a fiscally responsible manner; and by promoting or assisting other groups and organizations in the promotion of the social welfare of DeKalb County.  UGF currently supports member agencies which provide disaster and emergency assistance and training; provide services to children and youth, to elderly and homebound adults, to those who are mentally or physically handicapped, and to those serving in the military; and provides programs and services for victims of domestic violence and for the education and prevention of youth drug and alcohol abuse.

Gifts to United Givers Fund is a gift to our community.  It is a gift of caring that will enrich thousands of lives each year.  Individuals who live and work in DeKalb County as well as industries, and businesses located throughout the county contribute to the annual campaign.  The majority of funds raised during the campaign (approximately 58%) come from individuals who contribute through payroll deduction at their place of employment.  UGF is a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

UGF was incorporated in DeKalb County in 1958.  It is a local, independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) agency, governed by an all-volunteer 33-member Board of Directors (click to see list of our directors).Directors are elected at annual membership meeting held in February each year.UGF has two, year-round employees. Volunteers from throughout the county assist with the annual campaign. 

UGF provides funding to ten Member Agencies, which receive approximately 75 to 80 cents of every dollar received from the fundraising campaign.  Its annual operating budget (including costs to conduct annual fundraising campaign) averages from 20-25% of funds raised.  According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, an “acceptable” percentage for general administrative and fundraising expenses is 40% or less with 60% or more spent on charitable programs!  

UGF’s records are audited annually by a CPA firm.  An Audit Report and an Annual Report are presented at the Annual Membership Meeting held in February each year.  Audit Report available upon request.  

Member Agency Guidelines
Member agencies must re-apply for funding each year.  UGF disburses funds based on receipt of quarterly financial and service reports, which include service and financial information.  These reports help to ensure that each member agency is operating according to its funding request and member agreement.   

New agencies wishing to apply for funding must submit an application with supporting documentation.  

Both new and returning agency’s applications are reviewed by the Budget and Review Committee, which then recommends an allocation amount for the coming year.  In June of each year, the UGF Board of Directors approves tentative agency allocations and sets the Campaign Goal for the fall campaign that begins in September.

Each agency must provide community service toward making a meaningful impact on a social problem and/or a special target population in DeKalb County, based on documented need.  They must also maintain non-profit status 501(c)(3), and have an active volunteer board of directors.

UGF-funded Agencies provide a wide variety of programs and services:     

Children and Youth 
Child Care - Sliding Fee - affordable, dependable care 
Children with disabilities 
Boys and Girls in Scouting
Summer Camp - Scouting 
Education and Prevention Programs 

Elderly and/or Homebound Adults - Families with special circumstances 
Transportation, shopping assistance, food, clothing, rent/utilities pay prescription drugs, equipment loan (heaters, fans, walkers, etc.) minor home repairs, wheelchair ramps  

Education/Prevention/Support Programs 
Programs presented through various agencies include: 
First Aid, Swimming classes, CPR, 
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs
Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

Special Training/Rehab-type Programs 
Daily, year-round programs serving adults with intellectual disabilities, including job training 

Community-wide - all age groups 
Disaster assistance (tornadoes, flooding, single family fires, etc.) 
Blood Drives 
Training Classes: Health, Safety, Disaster 
Hospital Volunteer program 
Food Pantry/Clothes Closets/Fans/Heaters, etc. Rental Closets 
Emergency assistance with food, shelter, utilities, clothing, medicine

Incorporated in 1958, the United Givers Fund of DeKalb County has been dedicated to helping meet local needs for over fifty years. 
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